TENANT did not pay last 2 months rents -WHAT NOW?

A family of three who has been renting property for the last 2.5 years has now failed to pay the last 2 months’ rent.
The wife is expecting a second child and now she is not working.
Her husband,s who is a self-employed business is not doing well.
Now they are in contact with Council to help them if they can get help from them ( financial and another property since the current one is too small for 4.
If I am serving them notice is that for one month or two ( section 21 ) or if the contract has been broken since they didn’t pay I can tell them to leave straight away.?

I was in touch with them but it looks like Council is not helping them to leave to another property

Any help appreciated

Thanks !

Your lack of knowledge suggests that you will not manage this on your own. I suggest you use an eviction company.

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