Tenant missing payment

My tenant has not paid fully payment from few months. Tenant kept telling me, will be sort it but never. still few months left on contract anybody have any good idea for to pay back missing payment and end contract? Tenant doesn’t want to leave. So stress.

Contact an eviction specialist and get the ball rolling.


When it gets to 2 months rent owed you canserve a s8 ground 8 notice.

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Thank you, What does that mean and how to apply for that? Thanks

Thank you for reply.

Sounds like you will need legal help with this eviction.

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Hi Bhupendra,

I have just gone through this process myself.
Nightmare tenants sourced from Openrent!
The tenants were making all the usual excuses, after 2 months of no rent payment I contacted a specialist landlord firm ‘Legal for landlords’ who sent the tenants a section 8 notice, they will also seek a possession order for you if the tenants don’r leave 2 weeks after receiving the section 8.

Hope that helps