Tenant doesnt pay deposit and advance rent

I have rented a house to 4 student tenants for the academic year 2019-2020. As some of you may be aware students secure their accommodation well in advance of the start of the tenancy so they all signed the contract around 3 months ago.

As per OpenRent procedure, the first month rent and security deposit needs to paid when the contract is signed. 3 out of 4 tenants have already done this about 3 months ago but the 4th tenant still has not paid despite the reminders. I havent actually heard from her for 2 months now.

Obviously the concern is that she doesnt pay at all and the other tenants would be liable to pay on her behalf. The other possibility is that she just decides to look for another accommodation and informs us at the last minute. What can I do about the situation? Would it be possible to give her a deadline? and if she doesn’t meet that date then would it be possible to replace her on the contract?

Has this person signed the tenancy agreement?

Yes, they already have but the tenancy doesnt start until 15 September.

Hi Jose, have you been in touch with our team via email about this?

They can help you bring things to a head with the tenant who has not paid. They can set a deadline for payment for example.