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Day two of advertising and so it begins, twelve enquiries, two of which were inaudible rambling voicemails of the twelve enquires only four bothered to reply to the pre screeening and even they didn’t fit the criteria set. I just need someone to place a holding deposit without even viewing and I will achieve the full set.

I think it may be time even though it pains me to consider using a LA. Of course It could be down to the shrinking pool of rental properties and more desperate renters.
But I realy think Openrent need to not only up their game with verified tenants they need to reconsider their 100 enquiries policy because at this rate I will reach the 100 well before the three month window. And don’t even get me started on Mydeposits😳

Its not hard to reject them…Takes seconds. You’ll just be paying an EA to reject them for you.

It is only £29.

I feel the same. Had 15 enquiries in 4 days, of those 15, 6 have replied to pre screening questions and 3 of those didn’t meet the criteria set. Wondering whether I should have just used an EA but then I do like the fact we get to meet the prospective tenants ourselves when using OpenRent.

Had some viewings today but none have expressed interest so far, so back to waiting for more enquiries I think.

I agree wholeheartedly I have been using Open rent happily for ten years, like you I prefer to meet prospective tenants myself.

The rental market though has changed so much since I last advertised a property. And having allowed my heart to rule my head and been burned. I am not as trusting or confident in my ability to pick the right tenant that I was previously.

There are also so many unknowns with the renters reform bill that this also plays into my worries of making the right choice of a reliable tenant.

Like a lot of landlords I have decided to only consider those who can provide a UK home owning guarantor and who can provide evidence they pose the least risk. I would rather have an empty property than a bad tenant again.

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