Anyone else is advertising right now?

How is it going? Thanks.

Yes coming up to the three month cut off. And so far 85 unsuitable enquires who in the main consist of numerous rambling incoherent voice messages.
And despite setting a clear pre screening questionnaire I have had several “is this still available ??
Three chancers who forgot they had an IVA
and one who had 3 CCJs totalling 10k he proposed his mother as guarantor however she also failed referencing.
Several HMO enquires and the best and my least favourite of all Rent to Rent and agent enquiries posing as tenants.
I think i’ll leave the property empty now until next year and re advertise as I doubt there is going to be any genuine interest with Christmas approaching.


I went with an agent who checked out everyone . I met them all and chose my fav. He in now . Took 3 weeks. Got another to do , will go with same agent

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I had a reply from Daz, OR stuff member, saying that “most OpenRent landlords proceed with a tenant within the first 15 enquiries”. It has been a real eye-opener to me, not the least because you get at least twice as much in the first day alone (often more).
I wonder what other LL do that we don’t?

Thank you, Colin. It must have been a small local EA with good ethics? These are rare, you hit a jackpot here. Have them and hold them till change of circumstances separates you.
Really happy for you.

We’re advertising and are not having that many enquiries, and all pretty unsuitable. People not responding to screening questions, not answering when prompted to clarify something, ignoring the maximum number of people suitable for the property, etc. Today we had a single viewing and they didn’t turned up… that sums it all up… We’re considering selling the house, or waiting until next year, maybe it’s the wrong time of the year

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it was a big chain I had used them 3 times before and know the staff are good

You wouldn’t tell me what the name is, would you? We always keep this option in mind because finding the right T seems to be not always easy. We did it again, but just about.

It is the wrong time of the year. We had to reduce or regular rental price by £200 to eventually find TT. Not good.

I do not know if branches by you But about 24 in north Entwistle Green

Thank you. No, not here. We do have two local agents in mind, both are very expensive. But if we have to do it, then we have to do it.

We’re safe for now, but evicting one T. Hopefully, in a few months will be able to rent the place. Unless they open the taps and flood the place on leaving or wreck it on purpose. It happened to us before. The joys of being LL ))).

negotate with agents for a lower quote

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I didn’t realize it was a thing. Thank you.

@Colin3 - I can see you have only advertised with OpenRent on 2 occasions, both over 4 years ago. As quite an active member of the forum (here nearly every day), I’m interested to hear why you haven’t used OpenRent in over 4 years?

I would say our service is very different to what it was 4 years ago, both in terms of new services as well as significant improvements to existing services, so your experience may well be very different if you tried again.

What was your total spend with your agent, even at the negotiated lower rate?

Big difference between open rent and standard letting agent is communication.

I believe you cannot beat picking up the phone to establish facts and also get the tenant to commit more to viewings. Messaging systems are cold and it’s easy just to walk away as nothing is personal.

Landlords should be speaking with prospective tenants. A good letting agent works on the phone.


Landlords are fully in charge of their communication frequency/medium with tenants, but I would say your statement is fairly subjective. Plenty of tenants prefer digital only communication, and this is increasingly the norm. Landlords who use our viewing reminder tools (where we remind and prompt tenants about viewings on the day) for example see a much higher rate of tenants turning up than those who don’t… and this service is included for free.

Having said that, landlords are welcome to communicate with tenants via their preferred format, even if we use our data and scale to recommend sensible actions (like the viewing reminders).

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Just from my own personal experience when speaking on phone generates typically a better response and tenants more likely to show up. Rapport can be built verbally whereas it isn’t via messaging.

I agree that messaging and viewing system does of course have its place and works well.

The price difference between OR and traditional agent makes OR very good value, indeed I use it.

The tenants tend to stay for years so not an often user of openrent to advertise. I went with an agent this time as I had used them 7 years ago and they are good. I just had enough of all the time wasters and those who do not answer your questions. The cost was greater but does not bother me as I run another business and am doing well.

Seems bizarre that people are getting few or unsuitable enquiries when the media is full of stories about the housing shortage.

I turn 70 next year and will probably sell up when our tenants leave.

Let’s see what surprises Mr Hunt comes up with next week…