Tenant Fees Competition Winner Shares Story, Shows Exactly Why Fees Needed to Be Banned

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On 1st June 2019, tenant fees were banned in England. We’ve always been against charging tenants these unfair fees, so we decided to celebrate with a competition. Tenants shared their worst tenant fee stories for a chance to win £300 — the average tenant fee before the ban came into force.  We’ve now chosen a…

Sam is the prize for the cleaning products story?

The winner was chosen at random from all entrants! Click onto the original post to see the story and the tweets in proper formatting.

Random ok… I liked the one about missing the nail appointment and trying to charge for it Incredible greed!

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Unless you are prepared to get both sides of the story then trying to blacken Landlords reputations by just sharing a one sided story is just pointless and ends up in confirmation bias. This is why a judge will hear both sides of the evidence. I could tell equally hair raising stories of tenants about “the wind blew the dirt back into the flat after we cleaned it”!

Hi Emma, this isn’t about blaming landlords. We’re celebrating the fact that tenants won’t be charged unfair fees anymore (fees which were mostly charged by agents, not landlords, anyway).

Please do I’m sure the landlords on the Community would love to hear it! :slight_smile:

Yeah I think random is fairest. A lot of brands run competitions then make sure that the person with the biggest social media following wins, but I think that is super unfair!

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