Tenant has a pet in a no pets propertt

I’m after some advice - a new tenant moved in last week and the neighbour has text me saying she’s seen the new tenant has a cat. The tenant signed the contract that said no pets are allowed.
Any advice on how to go about the situation? I’m not overly bothered if she keeps the cat as otherwise she seems to be a good tenant but obviously if the car damages the carpets/woodwork etc it’ll cost me more the replace/repair than the tenants bond.
Anyone had this issue before?
Thanks, Tom

Putting tenant hat on (but not all tenants): Why have the term in your contract if you’re not prepared to enforce it? I wonder what else I can get away with?

A discussion with the tenant is needed here. I truly think a lot of tenants do not read the contract or understand it.

Thanks for your comments, in order to apply for the property they had to click “no smoking, no pets” etc so I do believe they are well aware - have you ever had to deal with something like this before? I’m not sure where I stand / what my options are really

Your options are accept it, ask them to remove the cat or evict with a s21 notice.

How can you be sure she’s a good tenant after only one week? already broken one of the main clauses! You need to confront her on this or else you are on a slippy slope. a stitch in time saves nine.

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If she has (possibly) mislead you about having a pet then what else has she mislead you about on her application
And as stated earlier by someone if she “gets away with it” she may try to contravene other aspects of her tennancy

Did you ask if she had any pets on the application form?
If they lied or are deceiving you it’s already created a sour relationship, and if yes they are being totally disrespectful. It would be usual to ask for permission first.

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