On the suject of not allowing pets

I have posted on here about prospective landlords not accepting pets, and I have seen another post about this problem. The adverts , both from agent rental sites and sites like this that really get to me are the ones that state in big bold capital letters, no pets, no smokers, no vapers, no children, no more than one tenant, I could go on with the other "no"s that they put. I can understand that a landlord may have had a problem in the past, but they are tarring everyone with the same brush. These adverts give the strong impression that they dont actually want anyone living in their property, just the rent each month. Is it just me, or do others looking to rent feel the same?

others who rent will feel the same as there are many tenants who think as long as they pay the rent they can do ANYTHING they want.

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I know that unfortunately there are people like that out there, which is a sad situation, but not everyone wants to take advantage. Most of us are genuinely looking for a home to live in and look after the property, which actually belongs to someone else.

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