Tenant has acquired a dog!

I had to visit my tenant a few weeks ago about an electrical problem. She had a very yappy small dog in the house which she said she was ‘minding’ for someone.
A few days later, when I was there about another issue, the dog was still there and I asked one of the tenants children who owned it, she said, “I do, now”. I pointed out that the contract specifically stated that pets were not allowed and she simply said that it was a small dog. I told her that I couldn’t make an exception as the previous tenants also had a small dog which caused quite a lot of damage.
I have yet to go back to check but I wonder if any of you have any views on this?


Tenants sometimes disgust me. Entitled beyond belief.
Had a tenant say exactly the same lie. Little did they know I speak with neighbours.


Did you see any damage in the property on your last visit? Have you spoken to neighbours about whether the yapping is disturbing them? Is the tenant otherwise a “good” tenant who pays rent on time etc? Pets have been discussed at great length on this forum and there is much heated debate - just search for previous topics. I do think it is pretty rude of the tenant to not obtain your permission beforehand and also lie to you! I guess it depends on your risk appetite and how much effort it would be in getting new tenants.


when’s the next rent increase due? Time for a Section 13.


I do speak to my neighbours but they sometimes withhold facts as they don’t want trouble with my tenants. One neighbour told me that the tenants son held his 18th in the house whereas the neighbour on the other side tried to avoid talking about it even though one of the partygoers threw up over her fence.


No, I didn’t see any damage but I wasn’t doing an inspection. They aren’t good tenants. I have noticed damage increasing. They took the living room doors off without asking. A bannister was broken during a party.( the tenants son claims it just came off in his hand) The tenant’s son erected an elaborate pull up bar contraption above the stairs, about 6 feet wide, made out of wood with support struts and screws all over the walls. There’s continual damage like dents on the fridge freezer and screwing a dishwasher inside a kitchen door. The bolts come out the visible side of the door. They are incredibly entitled.


Sounds like they’re completely abusing you and your property. If you don’t act , like all abuse it will continue and get worse . You need to check all your paperwork was/is in order and evaluate if you wish for these tenants to remain in your property .


When can you serve a s21 notice?

Yes, I had tenants who brought dog (s) in and when I found out, told me they were ‘well behaved’. In fact they yapped all day, drove the neighbours crazy and urinated through all the carpets. The tenants subsequently trashed the flat and left without telling me.I had to replace the carpets, underlay etc and totally re-decorate throughout. I have another property the tenants, now tenant, because the 34 year old lady suddenly died, with a large dog that has not harmed the property in any way in 4 years. However, I would not tolerate animals at all in the future. Do not have any conscience in doing anythng you have to to get rid of the animal, and/or the dog.


Whenever they like they dont have to give a reson the government are r trying to quash it but they have geen saying it for ages and still nothimg has change have no faith nir trust in their so cruel i thinj it can be extended or over ride in some situations depending on the situations abd the landlord

Whats a section 13 please is that before a section 21

Section 13 is the notice a landlord gives to raise the rent. Nothing to do with a section 21


Anytime, really. That’s a huge jump from them having acquired a dog to eviction…

@John122 are these the same tenants you discussed in your other thread ‘getting rid of tenants’ ?

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a huge jump from a dog to eviction? Mate, seriously, these tenants need to go. Anyone who says a bannister “came off in their hand”, throws parties disturbing neighbours, causes continuous damage and acquires a dog needs moving on. But, hey, you lie in the bed you make so…


Tenants blatantly lies and breaks the terms of the contract. What do you think should happen?


Hi all apologies for asking a question off topic but I see this thread is active right now.

How does a viewer/tenant make an offer to me the LL? is it just and email to me? Is there a form like at the agents?

First timer using OR.

Thank you!

Yes! It is them, I only rent one house…

Ok no problem its all new to me thanks for explaining

Last summer I had to spend £2k replacing carpets and flooring for an “it’s only a small dog”. I wont make that mistake again.