Why disallow dogs and other pets

I’d like to know why landlords are saying no to pets I’m looking for a 2/3 bedroom house in the keighley area but the ones I like the landlords don’t want pets or dogs my dog is 8yrs old he has never damaged or had an accident in the currant property I’m in and never would because he’s fully house trained I feel I’m been discriminated against because landlords are judging everyone that has a pet


There is another.post on this with 200 coments on it .I suggest you find it


I do apologise I’ve been slightly busy trying desperately to find a house so I’m not out on the streets in ten days so I’ve not had a chance to look at all the chat rooms as house hunting comes top of the list

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understood… have to move is a big stress

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It is when you have medical issues on top of that but just getting a house that would take a fully house trained dog is hard I’ve never been so stressed in my life I just want someone to give me a chance

@sharon its simply about risk and hassle. Everyone is discriminated against, theres always a preference. It generally costs a landlord more, sometimes a fortune, in dealing with the aftermath of a tenant with dogs or cats.

If you were a landlord would you prefer the risky route or the safer route?

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I understand that the landlord might feel its risky to let to a tenant with a pet but if they say its well behaved not sure why the landlord cant give the tenant a chance, also there is the offer of paying more rent to cover the costs if need be but some landlords still reject it. I wish some landlords would put them selves in the tenant situation sometimes as there are people who are genuine and need a place to live, ive been looking for 4 months and still struggling to find anywhere.

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The government strikes again, I’m afraid. They limited deposits to 5 weeks. Landlords used to take extra deposit to cover the potential extra cost of having pets in the house, but are no longer allowed to, so fewer will take them.

Having said that, 2 of my tenants have dogs (although they didn’t when they moved in - I got to ‘know’ them before I said they could have pets). …And now they can never leave :rofl:


I’m one of those said ppl I’ve got less then ten days left in my property and I can’t get a house anywhere because I have a dog he’s eight yrs old and has never apart when we first got him at 8wks old do anything in the house he’s never damaged a property and he’s so chilled out it’s unreal but no one will give me a chance there’s no houses on the council waiting list because I they won’t let me have anymore than a two bed so I’m gonna possibly end up in a hostel and my dog who is my security blanket will end up either with a friend til I can get a house or in kennels he’s been in two houses with me and no damage but no one cares

If someone like me came along and was almost homeless and said like me that her dog was fully trained yes I would because I believe in giving ppl a chance

People who rent and choose to get dogs always know they will struggle to rent. It’s how it’s always been and the government have made it harder by removing option for higher security deposit. I sympathise yet at the same time it can’t be too much of a surprise. It would be foolish of anyone to take a strangers word when they say their dog is well behaved, people make all kinds of promises when they want something, some landlords may consider if they can inspect a tenants current home.

A friend after much reluctance allowed tenants to have a dog, which resulted in urine soaked into carpets and floorboards and ruined kitchen units, all needed replacing. Annoyed neighbours as dog locked up all day barking, annoyed neighbours when outside barking. Hassle I wouldn’t want.

And then there’s when well behaved Rex goes to doggy heaven little less well behaved Tyrone the tyrant comes along……


But not everyone is a liar but again your making out ppl with dogs are why would I lie why would I put your property at risk I’m not that kind of person I was brought up with morals but because I have a dog I’m discriminated against well I’ll tell you about my dog he’s been there through a lot of rough periods in my life and he’s not let me down unlike some ppl in my life I became unwell a few yrs ago and he’s there when I can’t move out of bed he lays with me for hrs until my legs work or my backs stopped spasming he’s my security blanket and he would never do anything in the house never

I hope the government changes the law I really do maybe then there won’t be so many ppl on the streets but then again will landlords think of another reason why they can’t accept a tenant

Hi Sharon, sorry to hear you are having problems finding pet friendly properties. I won’t get into the debate as there is already a lengthy post elsewhere on this forum as Colin mentioned. If you are able to speak to landlord directly via Openrent for example, they may accommodate as some automatically say “no pets” but may be willing to be flexible depending on the circumstances. Another option is if you search on Zoopla for rentals, there is a filter under “Letting Type” to select “Pets Allowed”. Hope that helps.


I really do hope you find somewhere that can accommodate your situation. Having the government demand that landlords house people with pets will cause mayhem as more landlords get rid of their properties, then where will renters be?

I am not labelling all dog owners liars, that is ridiculous, some people are liars and unfortunately a landlord, like anyone else is unable to know. They cannot rely on a persons word as they know nothing about them.

As for more people being homeless due to landlord not accepting dogs, I’m afraid again that’s a bizarre comment. You have options as you have mentioned, even temporarily. Good luck.

Sharon, you said the council will ONLY give you a two bed??? That means you only need a two bed, so as I understand it, you would rather be homeless than accept a 2 bed house? I’m sorry but how can anyone deal with this kind of mentality??? There’s a huge difference between want and need.

You don’t need a dog, you want one. You don’t need three bed, you want three bed. I am so sick of the “woe is me, I can’t have what I want for free” mentality.

I suggest renters sacrifice, like the majority of landlords have.


I’ve done all that and a lot more from waking up til going to sleep they either don’t want dogs or don’t want dss or hb I’m trying as hard as I can to find somewhere but no one will give me a break

Where did I say I wouldn’t accept a two bed I said the council won’t give me a three bed because I need a two and there is zero properties with two bed the only two beds are flat in high rise and they won’t allow dogs so no offence but before you go saying you can’t deal with this mentality be civil and ask me to explain as I have about why landlords won’t except dogs

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And are you suggesting that I get rid of my dog so I can get a house do you have children if so and you was losing your home and the only property available was a studio flat and they didn’t allow kids would you get rid of your children my dog is my fur baby he’s been with me eight yrs and for you suggest that is in my eye disgusting mark

I’ve always said no to pets and on the 2 occasions I agreed to pets, although there was no damage the carpets despite being professionally cleaned could not remove the dog smell. It then put me in a position that it put new tenants off renting it. So for me it’s a No