Tenant has moved his partner in

My tenant has moved his girlfriend in without permission. I know I have a obligation as a landlord to perform right to rent checks, should I insist she is added to the tenancy agreement?
Thank you

Yes I would.

Please sent your email to let them know that it’s has be added on your tenancy agreement for following reason

  1. for building insurance in case of fire in building
  2. they need to notify to council or you can notify to both parties
    3)even your tenant will be paying rent then still she has take responsibility of any damage caused by him etc

Get it in writing and signature of both for all amendment


Thank you. That’s a good point about the council tax as he’s probably getting a discount for single occupancy.

Hi Joanne5

Also I would suggest that please send an email to your tenant
about his girlfriend moved in without your permission.
Ask him that he has to take your permission first so to reply by email.

So if does not reply then you know why he does not want to reply.

  1. not to pay full council tax
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I would take a different view. Firstly, it is perfectly normal for people to want to move their partner in to a property they own or rent and although he should have asked permission, it is forgivable if he is otherwise a good tenant.

I don’t think you should insist on creating a new joint tenancy unless your insurer or lender insists on it. We all know how fragile relationships can be both he and she may prefer the option of taking it slowly and being able to change the arrangement without a lot of legal fuss. If she has equal tenancy rights then your tenant could lose his home if the relationship ends. I don’t think its a landlords place to impose a legal contract on a new relationship in this way.

You could give him permission to have her as a permitted occupier and you should probably then do a right to rent check, although really, this is his responsibility.

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I have had partners move into a place and the next thing you know is they have left… You may find that a local council “rule” oblidges you to tell them ifit changes from a single occupancy , IF you know about it