Tenant is asking for carpet change

I have new tenants who have been in for 3 months.
They have reported insects in the bedroom. The previous tenants never complained of insects and I saw no evidence of this at changeover.
The tenant aked me to change the 12 year old carpets to a hard floor, the carpets were professionally cleaned 3 months ago and are in an ok condition, I would probably change them at tht next tenant change.
They sent me a photo of the insect and I’m trying to get it identified but it doesnt look like a bug or mite, more like something that would crawl in through an open window.
How should I handle this?

loks like the type that comes in from a garden?

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Is it insect or is their an infestation if its just one or the odd one or two it may well have come in on footwear or clothing or an item brought from outside

I think its a Silverfish, so I ordered some spray and a smoke bomb treatment for them to use. I dont think its a major infestation, they first reported it three weeks ago and I asked them to take a photo so I could identify the bug and they’ve only just sent it.
Hopefully the problem will go away.


You have several choices.
But they will depend on your tenancy agreement.

It is generally in your interest to get rid of silverrfish as they can damage the fabric of the building so i would offer to pay for for treatment.

With regard to the carpets - again it depends on may things . If they are in poor condition I would replace them - but I would only change to a different flooring for someone I was certain would be a long term tenant. I might say something like

I’ll help you treat get rid of the insects. If you are still here in 12 months/ 24 months time I will consider changing the flooring type but you knew what flooring was provided 3 months ago when you came here and viewed the property and the rent level was based on that provision. - If you wish to change it at your own expense please send me a proposal and if I am in agreement I will give you permission?
If you want me to change I wil be open to that once you have been in the property for that period - but do consider that costly changes to the property may be reflected in future rent reviews .


Thanks for taking the time to post such a comprehensive and useful reply.
You’ve made some very good suggestions which I’ll be using.

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some interesting comments, if its an infestation which was not brought in by the tenant and not the sort to be, its down to the LL, if its something that could have been brought in by the tenant whether known or not is down to them.

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Part 2, it the tenant really wants a hard floor there’s nothing stopping them doing it with the LL permission and spec agreement.

I agree, looks like a silverfish; they can be in damp areas, is the room damp?
Why would you rent a property with carpet if you wanted a hard floor? Seems like they just want an upgrade!

If it’s a silver fish then it’s a problem