Tenant left hole in wall

I just inspected my flat after the tenant moved out and found there is a fairly large (about fist sized) hole in the wall which he didn’t mention anything to me about. It is an interior partition wall so plasterboard and something that is in my DIY skillset to fix myself, but definitely beyond the realms of ‘wear and tear’. Unsure if this is something that should be deducted from the deposit and if so how much? (To be honest I would have overlooked it had he stayed the duration of the tenancy, but I have already absorbed enough cost and hassle from him as he kicked up so much fuss to end the tenancy early that I agreed to let him go after 3 months).

Yes it can be deducted from the deposit as long as you have a before picture.
He could claim it was there when he arrived.
You can still try if he argues just know if it goes to adjudication it may not be in your favour

Get a quote from a plasterer and decorator and send to tenant for deduction

I have read a case report where DPS refused it as the plasterboard was not classed as material of structural integrity (although it is used in every new build in the country)
You may want to claim it through mcol

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A text description of the condition of the walls in a tenancy inventory (preferably signed by tenant) should also suffice

Its all in what was visible in the inventory. Try it. Whats the wort they can say? No.

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What is mcol please?


If the tenant appeals to adjudication with DPS I’ll bet it is in her favour.
You may have better luck bypassing the adjudicators system and try the judicial system.

DPS only have an internal appeals system and they always favour their own. There is no ombudsman. I have lost an appeal that the tenant admitted in writing to damaging the cooker.
They said it was unfair and called it wear an tear and gave money to the tenant.

If it goes to adjudication you cannot appeal. Their decision is final.


Deduct 150. They cannot get their deposit back until you agree and they will be keener to get the balance returned