Tenant left of own accord

End of last year I became a reluctant landlord unable to sell house with the uproar in the mortgage market, tenent was vetted and passed including additional checks by myself.
She wanted to pay 6 months up front plus deposit which I accepted. A month after moving in she informed me of a relationship break up and she would not be able to afford the rent and would be leaving at the end of the 6 months. This was the first of June but when I went to do a house inspection she was still moving out - the house looks like a shi*hole, dirty, damaged and strewn with rubbish. I live 300 miles away and now going to have to go and do another inspection this week but neighbours tell me its not looking any better. So after a bit of advice

  1. Have I done anything wrong in accepting she has moved out without having any legal paperwork? Technically is her lease still in force?
  2. Deposit is held in a Scottish approved site - is there any guidance on what I can claim for against this deposit?
  3. As their new landlord would you like to hear about this so closer inspection can be done - or is that being petty?
  4. I believe I need to store belongings but when there is hundreds of items it is not feasible to catalogue so how is this done and for how long?

Over 30 years since I last was a landlord - never again the house will be sold now.

Scottish law is different, but in England you need some certainty that the tenancy has ended. A wirmtnessed deed of surrender would be best, but failing that, you should write to her and email and SMS to say that you acceot her implied surrender and giving the date the tenancy ended. You should say that if this is not her intention she should contact you asap. You need advice from the Scottish landlords association to confirm local rules

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thanks - just applying for Which Legal

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