Tenant left Stain on Bedroom Carpet

Hi all,

Just looking for some guidance as this is the first time being a landlord.

Tenant vacated apartment last week. Upon the inventory checkout, both myself and the clerk agreed that there was a sizeable stain left on the bedroom carpet by the tenant. It looks like it has tried to be cleaned, but it has not come out.

Just wondering what best course of action is here. Should we try to get stain cleaned professionally first or should we look to get the bedroom carpet replaced?

Just wondering if the clean does not work and stain does not come out, a professional cleaner will be paid for nothing.

Any help would be appreciated.


If elbow grease doesn’t work then replace , minus wear and tear!

get yourself a Vax spot cleaner machine for £99, will be useful at home, in car, on carpets…I have it at home for when my dog pukes on the carpet and it is very effective, uses hot water and detergent

Ask the tenant what theyve already tried.

When making a claim, do you only charge for the proportion of carpet in the room that is damaged? Putting DPS hat on, I think they would not permit a claim for whole carpet even after discount for wear and tear?

I would have thought that as you can only replace the whole carpet. The claim would be for the whole carpet minus any wear and tear.

I have got the same problem and not have no idea how to handle it :weary::weary: