Tenant moving out during Covid - 19

Hi all
I have a 12 month tenancy agreement with three tenants for a flat in London. One of the tenants says he wants to move out next month as he has lost his job and is returning to Spain. What is my/his legal position? Is he responsible for finding a new tenant? I expect it will be really hard to find a new person to share the flat at the moment. I want to be as helpful as I can but also I do need the full monthly rental to cover mortgage costs etc. I would be so grateful for any insights and guidance

Hi Jo, apologies for the slow reply here. Is there update to your situation?

It may be harder than usual to find new tenants – especially to share a property with strangers. Unless you and the tenant come to an agreement, then all tenants who signed a tenancy agreement do remain responsible for paying the rent until the tenancy is terminated. It may be very hard to get the tenant to pay rent if they move to another country, however.


Hi there, I’m in the opposite position, I had to leave my place 3 weeks before my tenancy was meant to end, I was completely paid up and up to date. But they said I cant get my deposit back because it wasnt a full months notice. Please advise.

If you had paid up to the end but simply left early.IE have you paid for these 3 weeks?.. Then this cannot be right .unless there are others issues such as damage or the place a tip. I


My tenancy ended on the 8th of April, and I was paid up till then. And i left on the 17th of march because of covid. I left the room in excellent condition as well.


then you deserve to get back the deposit. If you know who holds the deposit get in touch with them and inform. Your deposit is being illegally retained

Sam has dealt with Jo1’s issue.

Regarding Skye2, Agreed with Colin3: Cannot withhold deposit without good reason. You should have been informed of who holds the deposit, either written into the contract or issued to you as a separate “Prescribed Information” note or similar. By law it is not held by the landlord. Good luck.

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