Tenant not calling TDS to return Deposit

Hello Everyone,

My tenant was in rental arrears due to financial circumstances and poor health which impacted earning, and I gave section-8 to end tenancy (in 5th month out of 12). They left the property with some repairs needed & lots of rental arrears.

As they agreed to my claim on Full Deposit, I requested the same via TDS. However even after nearly 2 months notice, and she saying she has called TDS (which TDS denies), I’ve not received my deposit back.
TDS have asked me to submit the Statutory declaration, However Notary people have asked me to reach out to Solicitor to get the Declaration signed & get Deposit back.

I don’t want to engage £450 (+Vat) Solicitor to recover £1300 in Deposit. Is there a better way to get this done or cheaper Solicitor (as they only need to sign the Statutory declaration).

also can i raise dispute with the agency whom we hired for ‘Tenant Find only’ and they didn’t inform us about the CCJs our tenants had.
Any help is welcome.

There is a fixed fee of I think £5 which a solicitor can charge to sign the statutory declaration. You can just walk into any high street firm of solicitors and get them to sign it there and then.