Tenant not paid utility bills

Tenant moved out in July 2017 .but he didn’t claim his deposit from DPS. I tried to contact him but he didn’t reply ,I left it at that .Then I got letter from First Utility asking to pay the bills for the time this tenant had it rented , again I tried to contact him but no reply ,Although I informed the first utility that it was rented even then I got a letter from Credit management Debts Recovery Investigations asking me to pay . I had to send them tenancy agreement to show that it was rented out . Now after almost a year I get letter again from Debts recovery asking me to pay .
Can I claim the deposit from DPS after all this time to pay for the bills ?

when he first started renting you should have told them his name, that he was now responsible for the bills write to the DPS and ask the question

Thank you Colin3,

Tenant did have his name on bills, that is surprising debt collector still writing to me to collect.

Anyway I did contact DPS and they guided me how to claim the deposit.

Thank you.

I have had utility bills arrive for the wrong person for years ,for myself or the wrong tenant. Scotish power the worst , In the end I just ignored them. Write on the envelope “not known” and back in post box. Phoning up a waste of time. They dont really care who pays the bill!

heres another story . I rented out a shop to a guy who always paid his rent However the staff told me he wasnt paying his electric bill . I spoke to him and said I would get £200 each week cash off his staff ,give them a receipt, and send it to the electric company ( i knew the account number) This way I got almost £800 for the supplier. He didnt like this so I told him I was kicking him out> this I did and got someone else very quickly.