Gaining my property back

I gave my tenants their notice last September and they were due to leave at the end of March this year but decided they would make life difficult and for me to take them to court. It has eventually gone through the court process and is now at bailiff stage. I have very little communication with the tenants as they decide to block me or only say what they feel they want to. I messaged them a couple of days ago to ask if they were still there and they said yes. The bailiffs are due to come next week but I have just received a notification from the DPS requesting their deposit back. Would you take it as acceptance that they have now left the property and that I am able to go in there tomorrow or do I still have to wait for the bailiffs?

DO NOT go there without bailiffs.

Tell DPS that the tenants are being evicted and that they are in arrears, and you have not inspected the property.

Do not release the deposit.


Agree do not release deposit
If it is custodial you don’t have to do anything because it will take them months to get it back without your login being received

If it is insured scheme ( you have the money) communicate with DPS and let them know the situation with evidence so they don’t botch up


wait for bailiffs. The tenants will kid you


Thanks, they will defiantly NOT be getting their deposit back as they owe me more than 6k, and god knows what state the house is in!! Just wondered what the situation was in regards to going in there but I’ll wait for the bailiffs as you guys advise, Thanks