Tenant not paying rent in unlicensed hom

tenant not paying rent in an unlicensed hom

so my uncle has one property (owned outright without mortgage) being let out as unlicensed HMO ( large 9 bed with 2 kitchen and 4 bathrooms). I help to find tenant but he receives rent directly from the tenant. It is good standard but he simply didn’t do fire door etc, not perfectly regulated met (I can understand because he only speaks little english).

Anyway one tenant was always late on rent payment for almost 2 years ( like paying by end of the month when everyone is paying on the 1st), now this month he is even refusing to pay by asking ‘nicely’ if rent can be write off as heater isn’t working in him room. we know it is a lie and I just got lost of control a bit. The police was called on scene but obviously it is more of civil depute but then the tenant vowed to sue us to court etc.

He is saying that we should compensate him rather than asking for rent, and that he is sick and not being able to go to work etc. I think it is completely out of control now, any idea what can be done here? to minimize the harm?

In my view neither you nor your Uncle should be involved in letting property. The tenant can sue you for harassment and all the tenants can claim a Rent Repayment Order to get up to 12 months rent back. The Council will probably help the tenants to do that and will likely fine your Uncle as well. This is usually up to £30000, but in this case it could be more because he doesnt have either the licence or the planning permission he needs to operate a 9 bed HMO.

The criminal offence committed carries an unlimited fine.

You have no right of s.21 eviction.

I think you both need to get your act together.


Sounds like your uncle’s a criminal and maybe you too, even if you haven’t been convicted yet

The community is spitting truth bullets today!

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Is your uncle declaring his income to hmrc ?