Tenant not paying rent on time to Agent

Hi everyone, I need an advice, please. I’m a new landlord I have a BTL property and I had a lovely tenant who moved out after 2 years without any issue. Since I’m more busy with work I now decided to give my property to Barristow eve 3 months back for full manage service. They found a tenant within a week and said they done all the checks and reference and the new tanent is suitable. Long story short it’s been just 3 month since they moved in and they are late to Pay rent in every single month. First month they moved in on 11th of July and after a numerous chasing to the agent I finally got a lump sum after a hefty agent fees deduction after 10 days. Last month same
Issue. I have to chase agent after 3-4 days of rent due date. This month same case. They say if tenant dont pay rent they can’t pay me. I’m really having nightmare every month but I thought this full manage service will give me peace of mind. Today is 17th and my rent was due on 11th and its still not paid. The agent sent me email today saying now tenant wants to change the date of rent to 15th each month as he gets paid on the 15th. I pay my mortgage, serviced charge etc on 8th every month. I don’t trust the tenant neither the agent now. They charge me 170 pounds a month and I take all the headache and chassing for rent for past 3 months. I never had this issue before. Can someone advise me what would be the best course of action? What should I tell the agent. The flat is a 2-year-old brand new flat and I’m now scared it may have ended up in the wrong tenant. Please help.

Check agent is sending appropriate letters to tenant relating to breach of tenancy through late payments.

I would agree to new payment date. (You need to have reserves for your mortgage payment)

Part of the original agreement with tenant should be that rent payment is made by standing order, or direct debit if agent has this facility, which they should have. If not in place is must be introduced.

It may be sensible to have payment on 16th if T gets paid on 15th (standing order or dd may fail if their wage doesn’t go in early enough)

An agent will never look after your property and your interests as well as you will. Did you ask to see the reference report?

Hi David no I didn’t, can you advice me my best course of action step by step please. I’m new in this.

Go and speak to your agent in person and express your concerns. If youre not satisfied with the response, write a formal complaint. If you still dont get satisfaction, escalate the complaint to the ombusman theyre registered with. I would also ask to see the reference reports now.

If the tenant is paying, but just erratically, then I dont think you should find out why. Are they struggling or just flaky. I wouldnt be seeking to evict now, but would wait and see if they fail to pay the rent at all.

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