Tenants causing problems after 1 week!

My tenants moved in 10 days ago.

They are now asking if they can pay the rent at the start of the following month (it’s due on the 19th if every month as that’s the date they moved in).

I replied to say no, they need to pay by the 19th as per the contract.

They came back to ask if they could pay the last working day of every month and I haven’t replied to this yet - I need some advice.

On the one hand I want to say ‘no’ again, and stick to the contract.

On the other hand I don’t want to create a situation where they are unhappy and may take less care of the flat or start defaulting on payments, as I’ve heard that it’s difficult to kick problem tenants out before 6 months.

Please help!!!

I would allow them to pay on the day that suits them. I think you’ll find that they are not overdue with the rent until it is at least one month late as you are presumably taking the rent monthly in advance. After all, it isn’t reasonable for them to want to pay you after they’ve been paid at month end. Assuming of course that’s the reason for the delay. Ask to see a payslip if you are unsure when they get paid. Keep them happy and they will be better tenants. You’re stuck with them now for at least 6 months as IMO no court will give you S8 possession when tenants are offering to pay just two weeks late.

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Try not to say no. Try to give them options. Like. Yes you can pay at the end so long as you pay the 11 days missing prior to changing the date. And just explain you wish you could be flexible but you have to consider the lender who you have to pay every month also.

Just help them feel respected while stating what you can do while trying to think of a win win situation


I find this situation crazy.

They’ve signed a contract about a week ago that clearly states they must pay the rent by the 19th of each month. And then as soon as they sign it they try to change the goalposts? Who does that? Seriously.

I honestly feel like laughing at this whole situation, and the replies of ‘let them pay when they want’ have stunned me - they have literally just agreed the 19th in the contract…

I realise that we are screwed as landlords in terms of not being able to evict easily, but FFS you don’t agree something and then say no I can’t pay until later now - what if I needed the money by the 19th every month to pay some other bills???

Good advise as above. Be nice if possible! You cannot remove before 4months where upon you have to give them 2months notice. Going through this hell currently. One month after moving in, relationship broke up. Lady can’t afford rent. This was back in Aug. She was supposed to leave. Still there awaiting the courts to evict her! Good luck.

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Sorry if my reply stunned you. The long and the short of it is you can’t do anything about it. So you can either swallow hard and give in gracefully or make a lot of noise and show them you can’t do anything about it. That will inform them next time they want a favour. It’s definitely better to fight battles you can win and this isn’t one.

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Michael_Victoria’s sentiment is quite reasonable and correct per se but, in my view, Daniel1 gives the suitable remedy. It’s a brief compromise on the part of the tenant (to pay the 11 days to rebalance the books, so to speak) and thereafter you are able to oblige them.

All needs to be agreed in writing; email exchange is acceptable these days so long as the emails clearly show the date change was at their request, that you can clearly be seen as responding positively with the proviso that the shortfall is met prior to this date change being facilitated or allowed. You may find the production of a bespoke proforma helpful and your response should then look more professional and considered.

I do also entirely agree with the poster who expresses exasperation at this game change, let alone 10 days in to signing other terms. To be blunt, it’s a bloo*y cheek. On this basis I would incorporate two caveats, one already mentioned:

  1. shortfall needs to be credited to landlord account prior to this contractual change being facilitated

  2. tenant would need to agree that no further requests for a rental arrangement change will either be requested by the tenant or allowed by the landlord.

Finally, I would respectfully suggest denying their rather posthumous and irritating request if they object to paying the shortfall. We woukd have different views about that amongst contributors, I suspect. This is just my view therefore and on the basis that experience tells me it is critical you remain the lead in terms of contract negotiations and, in this case, re-negotiations.

Life’s a compromise. The approach above shows willing on your part but I think you would be foolish to tolerate -let alone formally accept- a late payment, especially when the ink has barely dried on the AST’s…

Don’t crawl up your own b***side here. You would clearly (legally) be within your rights to simply deny this request.

…But I wouldn’t advise it and it should be manageable.

Peter B
Member NLA, BLA.
Landlord since 1997 (but still look only about 21… in a sympathetic light.)

P.S. If they are unable to make the 11 day shortfall next month, be clear that whenever they are ready and able will be acceptable since you agree to their request in principle… All on a smartphone here and so I hope I make sense.

Hope helps…


We maybe moving into the era of tenants assuming all landlords have rent guarantee insurance and thus be more care free about these things.

Hi Daniel, interesting thought, but I’m pretty confident that 99% of tenants have no idea that there’s a thing called rent guarantee insurance!

I hope you are right and I am wrong to be honest