Tenant preference

On placing an advert with OpenRent, there are preferred tenant categories:

Student friendly, families allowed, pets allowed, smokers allowed, DSS income accepted.

My understanding is that we aren’t allowed to exclude anyone so how can we tick any of these and not be breaking the law?

Clarification on what I can and can’t do would be appreciated.


Just advertise it and then you can do tenant selection if you auto respond with questions including about how they’ll pay the rent (see previous post)
Some mortgage providers restrict rentals anyway and the insurance will be affected so check both
UC is a considerable administrative headache for landlords as it’s difficult to get hold of them, it’s paid in arrears, 4 weekly not monthly, and it can be stopped immediately if There’s even the slightest change in tenant’s circumstances. However, if the tenant is good, then it can work

Thanks Stephen.

Being a Landlord is a bit like being piggy in the middle :slight_smile:

Absolutely, Jessica
What with trying to keep up to date with increasing regulations on one side, and the constantly changing tenants situation on the other, it makes for an interesting life :grinning:

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