How best to choose a tenant?

Having lots of enquiries regarding Flat, I’ve put a few filters in the advert, saying no DSS minimum wage of £1400 per month etc.
What is the best way of finding the best tenant through all the enquiries?

Have you set a pre screening questionare ?
Im finding the same you just have to keep declining those who don’t meet your criteria.

And even then ask about poor credit Ccj’s IVA’s
Paid to reference an applicant only to find he had a credit score of 18 and an IVA he allegedly forgot about :lying_face:

And then tenants wonder why landlords are picky

Exactly who forgets they have an IVA ?? just ludicrous time and money wasters.

I do screening questions with Openrent and then have a conversation with the prospective tenant before agreeing to a viewing. Its amazing what comes put in a conversation that written questions wont give you. Also, you can build a rapport - it all goes towards building that important picture.

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Offered a guarantor through a company - Tenant working with ‘BEAM’ london homeless charity - is this a safe thing to do - thank you!

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Thanks for the laugh.

I didn’t think you could discriminate against those on benefits?

No, you can’t. We usually approach them on a case to case basis. We need to understand why a person who doesn’t have disability or any other valid reason to be off work for years, is still off work. If it’s because “I didn’t study for my degree to stack the shelves”, then we pass them by. If it’s “no jobs, mate”, we do the same. Our position is there is no dishonour in doing a humble job, even if you’re overqualified for it. It’s dishonourable to live on taxpayers’ money as a lifestyle choice.

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some of my best customers as a builder were those who had humble jobs. I would prefer them to some richer bods

What about single mums that work part time and are topped up with benefits or maintenance from an ex?

Single mums you described (in tough situation) need to show the last 12 bank statements with excellent money management skills, honouring all their financial commitments, no gambling habits, no expensive cars on high purchase and healthy balance at the end of each month. People need to persuade LL to rent to them. They need to show that they are solvent.
BTW, if people say that seeing bank statements is not my business, they also are wished a good day and advised to keep looking. But not all single mums are struggling. There’re some amazing shrewd businesswomen who decide not to rely on their good-for-nothing ex for irregular handouts and make their way in life admirably. Even if they need help to start with, they make their life a success later on.
Hope that makes sense.

affordability is the key and being in line with whatever the landlord is looking for

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