Tenant Noise Issue

I have a tenant who is making noise and other tenants in the building as well as the Board have been notified and issued warnings to her, but it continues. This is causing too much annoyance and disturbance to all involved, so would like to give her a 60 day notice. Here are my questions.

  1. She moved in Aug 14th so I have to wait till Dec 14 to give notice because of the 4 month rule, is that correct? She then has to leave Feb 14th, correct?

  2. She can also give notice on the above time frame, correct?

  3. If she gives notice earlier then she is responsible for rent till Feb 14, correct?

  4. I am not evicting her but just giving 60 day notice, is there anything I am missing because of Covid or lockdown?

I am not worried about getting a new tenant at this point.


Because of Covid you have to give six months notice but you can serve it immediately.

She would be responsible for rent until February if she left early.

Legally she doesn’t have to give notice at all these days, She could just go on Feb 14th without saying a word.

Or you could agree with her to surrender the tenancy.

A surrender is probably your best option unless you have very good evidence of anti-social behaviour.

The tenant doesnt have to leave at the end of the notice period and could make you get a court order and bailiffs to evict. In that case you’re looking at about 18 months at the moment.

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Hello, I am having a similar issue with the Tenant smoking. He is saying he isn’t Other residents have complained, I have re issued his contract which clearly states no smoking. He is on a 6 month tenancy, he moved in October. Could we issue notice now for him to leave in February or are we able to get him out earlier?

if you don’t be in trouble just accept foreigners, they are not so impudent in another country )) haha )) your guaranty 100% ))

You need to give six months notice regardless of what your AST says (due to Covid) so if you want him to leave serve the notice now.

Thanks!, this is our first time as landlords so it all new to us.

So even though it’s a six month tenancy, which we either party could renew nearer the time. Because of Covid we would gave to serve now.

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Yes, you should serve a s21 now.

Not in my experience - and you can’t issue a CCJ when they go back to their home country either.