Tenant wants to leave 1 month early

Hi all,
(my second post here)

Our tenant told us yesterday that they want to leave a month early on their 12 month AST OpenRent contract. At the start of tenancy, they specifically requested a 12 month contract which we agreed to (whereas normally we always give tenants a 6 month AST).

Are we the landlords legally entitled to charge rent for the unoccupied final month ?
If yes, do we need to advise tenant in writing.


Yes, the landlord is entitled to charge rent for the final month if they choose to. If it were me, I would release the tenant from this obligation if they give me enough notice and return the property back to me in the same condition as I gave it to them. In this climate a landlord should be able to source a new tenant in a matter of days.


Thx Chris, sounds like good advice :+1: