Tenant wants to move out 2 days after moving in

Let a property this weekend. Only one tenant had come for viewing (not the lead tenant) and they agreed to sign contract and move in. When they arrived the lead tenant was not happy with property. Now they want to move out asap.
It’s not even been 10 days, so I have not got my 1st rent from OpenRent either. I am ok for them them leave if they are not happy. They are willing to pay rent until we find new tenants.
What are my options?
Am i ok to ask for one more month rent and let them go ?
Arranging new viewings while they are staying will be tricky.

It’s odd behaviour but your options are in your favour
They are liable for the whole AST
Whether they will pay once they leave is another matter and it depends upon how far you go to collect it

You may want ask for the first month and cover your cost of cleaning and advertising and the cost of Open rent collecting rent etc
You can ask up to the cost of rent for the AST that you would have earnt

I would sign a deed of surrender so its formalised

Regarding viewings you could do digital viewings. It is in their favour if you find someone sooner rather than later so they don’t have to pay rent

Thanks. The Surrender deed sounds like good idea. When you say ‘You may want ask for the first month’ so that would means an additional month rent. They have paid for the first month to open rent already at time of signing the contract and then i am ok to ask for one more month rent in advance to cover the admin cost. right ? Whether they live in the property or not is their choice.

It is all done in real time not in advance
If you are asking for money etc that should be settled in advance
If you are unsure take legal advice so you do it correctly and the deed is suited for your needs