My Tenant doesn't want to pay rent

My tenant, has signed the contract in April and now doesn’t want to pay rent. She want to leave the property without giving notice. she has signed one year contract. what can I do?
Thank you

So, I would let her leave as long as she has paid rent up until the last day and allows access to look for damages.

Once she has moved her stuff out s/he surrenders the lease (in writing) and you take the security deposit for breaking the lease.

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If you want to take back the deposit include it as part of your deed of surrender
I have posted previously on how to do this Tenant asking for tenancy end
Once a deed of surrender is complete you cannot claim anything so terms must be dealt with and completed before signing
I usually ask for a months rent and a deposit to surrender an AST early on
You are more informed of your situation and your tenant so you decide if you want to include terns into the lease
I would pass on the legal charge of the lease to the tenant, though!)

The best thing to do is let her leave and get another tenant.
Then calculate any damages, any rent owing and deduct from the deposit.
She owes you the rent between her leaving and a new tenant. You cant claim the cost of advertising and finding a new tenant because you would have to do that anyway if she stayed on to the end of the fixed tenancy.