Tenants blocking access / viewings due to COVID-19

Hey all,

Thoughts please: I have tenants who have given a months notice, and they are blocking access as the wife is concerned about COVID-19 despite me providing KN95 Masks, Gloves and Hand Sanitizer.

My understanding from the Government is that we can now resume viewings, they aren’t blocked, and obviously we would follow any guidance.

I want to remain an understanding landlord, but I also need inspections and viewings to ensure I don’t run into issues when they leave.


Nothing you can do at the moment. I had similar tenant, I left them there for the last month and didn’t access the house. Once they left, DPS returned all the deposit back to tenant depite I have provided evidence for damage caused by them.

Just hope yours can leave as agreed time. As soon as they leave, you can resume viewing and hopefully get it rent soon. With tenant inside the house, it is not good for viewing too.

Nothing you can do if they refuse viewings even pre-Covid.

Would have thought it reasonable to be able to inspect though, as you should be allowed to maintain your property.

I got ours to record a video of the whole house, but that during the worst of things.