Tenant blocking the viewing during

I have tenants who have given a month notice that are blocking access as they wanted to leave before the termination date (which I agree with provided we can find a suitable new tenant before the contractual termination date),

as the suggested approach seems that is not working for the tenant I have suggested to follow the tenancy agreement termination date, she is now blocking the views if I do not agree to fix a month earlier termination date saying that she has the right to do it due to COVID as she is a high risk worker

I always encourage to follow government Covid guidance and encourage to show in person viewing for people that is seriously interested in the flat only.

My understanding from the Government is that we can now resume viewings, they aren’t blocked,

Can she block the viewings, do we have any way to enforce them?

Many thanks for the advice

If she is on an AST she has to fulfill that term or is liable for rent for the remaining period.
The terms and conditions of terminating an AST early are at your discretion.
But …
You can’t do viewings if she blocks them, that would breach the quiet enjoyment of her contract . That’s nothing to do with Covid. If the tenant refuses access you cannot enter.
I do understand her concern that viewings are putting her at risk and she is already at risk as a key worker

I would have a polite conversation with her
She is liable for the rent of the full AST
Negotiate it to your favour
You could offer no rent for the remainder of the AST provided you are allowed viewings
Or Explain the faster you find a replacement the less rent the tenant in situ is liable for and that is dependent on viewings

The other option is virtual viewings so no one enters the flat
You or the tenant could take videos and use them as viewing material or the tenant could conduct a virtual viewing on your behalf.


I don’t think doing viewings while the tenant is still there is sensible while the pandemic is still raging. Why don’t you wait until they move out and you’ve repaired any damage and thoroughly cleaned the place. At least that way you have certainty that the tenant has left and you won’t be in danger of breaching a new contract.


The tenant has the right to refuse to let you hold viewings, even if the gov is allowing them.

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If a new landlord wants a reference ,you will know what to say about her

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