Tenants have applied to accomodate Ukrainian refugees: See Ukrainian Refugee Thread

Hi all, I have been informed that my tenants have volunteered to house Ukrainian refugees. They have not discussed this with me nor asked my permission. Although on the face of it, a kind hearted humanitarian gesture, I strongly suspect the monthly payment of £350 to them from our Government, is their main motivation. The property is a small 2 bed house. I don’t want to be mean spirited, but shouldn’t they at least ask for my permission first? Isn’t this in breach of their tenancy agreement, as they’re effectively sub-letting? Would an eviction be blocked by the courts on humanitarian grounds due to the crisis in Ukraine and effectively making Ukrainians homeless? I suppose I could issue a new AST and increase the rent by £350 a month?
Your thoughts please?

there is another post about this . Generally speaking do not allow it

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You should write to them immediately clarifying that they are not allowed to do this.


Of course they should ask your permission which you should refuse without further checks and assurances. Yes, it is a humanitarian gesture, however, having a refugee from a war zone as your new tenant is asking for problems.

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