Referencing a Ukrainian potential tenant

Hi everyone,

I have a young Ukrainian couple wanting to rent my flat.

They both have a visa until June 25 and one of them is applying for a highly skilled migrant visa for 5 years as they are a lawyer. Subject to the right paperwork being provided this seems ok.

What I’m concerned about is that they both only have Uk bank accounts since July 22 and the partner is self employed and so only has UK accounts from July 22 as well.

I’m guessing on this basis they may not pass referencing due to credit checks and lack of 2 yrs of self employed accounts.

Has anyone else taken on Ukrainian tenants with a similar situation? If yes, have you just taken the perceived ‘risk’ or have you found other ways to evaluate their financial security?


Hi Heloise1

I have recently let a property to a couple from Hong Kong, who were in a similar situation. The referencing agency recommended that if I wanted to proceed I should insist on them providing a UK guarantor. After meeting the couple and speaking with them at the viewing, they came across as honest, hard working people who were looking to start a new life in the UK. I took the risk without using a guarantor. It’s been 9 months and so far, so good. Another option is you could ask for 6 months rent upfront.

Good luck!

Thanks. They seem very nice, just had my fingers badly burned with the last tenant who I took on with some risk and he has cost me thousands of pounds… so my appetite for taking in risk again is a bit low. Biggest issue actually seems to be that one half of the couple only has an employment contract for the next six months…

It’s a big, big question if Ukrainians will have 6 months’ worth rent upfront. But doesn’t hurt to ask.

Are there not restrictions on young Ukrainian men able to fight leaving the country? I read there was a travel ban in place. Have you checked their right to rent?

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