TENANTS: have you moved recently but been asked to pay illegal fees?

Unfair tenant fees have always been banned on OpenRent. On 1st June this year, they became illegal in England. They’re illegal in Scotland, too.

But some tenants are still being asked to pay agent and admin fees!

Has this happened to you? I’d love to hear your stories.

Just one questionable experience.

High-street agency “renewals negotiator” emailed us about renewal on June 21. The cookie-cutter email contained this paragraph:

If you wish to extend your tenancy, then there may be a charge to you for preparing a new tenancy paperwork, which will be £210 (£175+VAT) and this is due at the time the document is sent to you for signing. This will be due if you have previously agreed to pay such sum in your current tenancy agreement, or if your tenancy is not an assured shorthold.

Helpfully, bank details were included!

Payment can be made by card and by telephoning us on xxx. Alternatively you can make a bank transfer using the following details: […]

There was no mention of the fees being illegal.

Dont pay. Let it rollover

No, we certainly didn’t. However rollovers don’t typically happen in my experience, landlords (when I’ve rented in London) seemingly like the tenants to be on fixed terms. Or perhaps it’s the agents wanting renewal fees.

My position has always been though, that if the landlord does want a fixed term, then they can pay the agent’s fee. Worked pretty well for me.

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Alex unfortunately there are greedy agents and landlords out there… I have 2 tenants who started out on six month tenancies and have been there more than20 years Regulars payers . Both rolling over.