Tenants Income Less Than Rent

Hello all

This is my first time using OpenRent as I used Upad before. I have the default screening enabled.

I have received a viewing request from someone whose monthly income is £150 less than the rent on my advert.

So I’m wondering-how does the “screening” work?



You wont choose them? Press Reject button

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Hi Colin

My query was not whether I could or should reject them, rather, if this is supposed to be “screening” how did that enquiry get through?

(yes I have rejected them)

I see what you mean, that does seem odd . You need someone from Openrent to reply Seems a bit ridiculous that a tenant would think that the income is o k. Maybe they have a mate joining them, on higher income

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Also he had a plan to claim for housing benefit and not

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They may be another reason to how they can cover the rent and you would need to review this and get evident to support this. I would also ask for a guarantor and maybe three months up front rent.