Tenants leaving early out of contract

Our tenants have asked to move out earlier our end of tenancy date is July 3rd at earliest. We told them we will advertise again and if we can find new tenants in time we will sign a deed of surrender. We have people looking now but no offers yet. My tenants have already signed another contract for another place with a move in date in two weeks. We have not signed anything to say they can get out of the contract earlier yet. Where do we stand with this now? I would assume they are liable to still pay up until the date of contract? If they do not pay can we use the deposit?

They have to honour the tenancy agreement they have with you. You have verbally agreed to release them from their obligation if you can find replacement tenants. If you can’t find anyone then they should expect to pay.

If they move out and stop paying then come back for more advice.

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