Tenants left without proper Notice

I’m a Landlord. Tried to see if similar topic has been in circulation and could not find anything.
I’ve signed the Tenancy Agreement with my current 3 Tenants in September 2018.
Two of them wanted to move out at the end of 6 months, but has not served the appropriate notice in time and just left without going through the procedure. Remaining Tenant obliged either to pay full rent or to find replacement for the two Flatmates that moved out, but only paid rent for one month, then left as well.
What am I supposed to do ? I this situation, can I re-advertise my property for rent while current Tenancy Agreement still in place ? Can I hold their deposit ? Can someone tell what’s the procedure, please.

This is potentially complicated, not least being in a situation where current tenants ‘recruit’ new tenants.
Highly risky and obviously you would have lost authority if you decide to play it this way.
My advice is to contact NLA to ask advice.

Thank you Peter,
I will remember your advice and possibly go that way, but would like it to hear the position of Openrent first.

Hi Serguei,

I’m sorry to hear of this situation - that’s far from ideal.

Have all 3 tenants now moved their possessions out of the property and handed back the keys? If that’s happened, along with non-payment of rent, then it seems reasonable to re-advertise the property.

If the tenants are in rent arrears, then you could pursue them for this - and I would add that not re-advertising the property will actually increase any void period, thereby potentially increasing how much these tenants owe.

You should keep a record of anything - rent payments, any communication you’ve had with the tenants, rent reminders, etc. It’s possible to claim against the deposit for unpaid rent, however you will usually be asked to provide proof to the deposit scheme when you do this.

I should point out that I am not legally trained, so this does not constitute legal advice. As Peter mentioned, this situation is potentially complicated.

We are happy to put you in touch with our legal partner if this would be helpful. Just drop the team a message using the ‘Need Help’ box on any OpenRent page, and we can help with this.


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Hi Simon,

Thank you for your attention to my problem. What you say sounds very reasonable things to do. I’ll try to re-advertise the Property and ask for further advise from your legal partners.

Regards, Serguei