Tenants on holiday

Tenants went on holiday for 3 months and left the kids in charge age 19 & 21
What is everyone thought ? I am not happy as and I know tenant are ultimately responsible for there actions but this has pi****ed me off a bit !

you cannot tell the tenants how to run their ljves sadly

But you can have a clause in the contract in regards to how long the signed tenant leaves the property, no matter who they leave in charge whilst they’re gone.

Unfortunately the drain got blocked on day they got back!
Seems like the kids throw anything down the toilet!

kids will never look after a place like the parents do

Drain didn’t block itself. It was blocked by T. Tell them you will charge them the cost of unblocking it.

Leaving young adults in charge can be a bit risky, and it’s understandable that you’d be annoyed if things went haywire while the tenants were away. But hey, it’s all part of being a landlord, and stuff happens. Maybe a gentle chat with them about responsible use of the facilities could help avoid future blockages.

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