Tenants refusing entry - been given 48hrs notice

Hi all,
How do you manage tenants who refuse to give you entry to carry out maintenance to your property, such as checking empty rooms for condensation/mould/taking meter readings etc

I didn’t think it was illegal to prevent a landlord from entering with the appropriate notice?

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Its not illegal, but it is unlawful. Its in breach of s11 Housing Act 1985 and probably in breach of contract.

What you do is make 3 documents attempts to gain access following the clause jn your agreement to the letter and then you evict with s21. If the try to claim they have notified you of disrepair and this is a revenge eviction, you will have documentary evidence to the contrary.


Unless you are responsible for the utilities, I can’t really see why you would need to read the meters.

If the tenant isn’t complaining about condensation not sure it is worth perusing per se.

There is definitely something to be said for doing regular inspections but I wouldn’t force it if they doesn’t respond

Wait until they have an issue they want resolved and take the opportunity to have a look


Is there any difference betwen illegal and unlawful? Sorr to be pedantic.

Yes. Illegal means that something is specifically prohibited by law. Unlawful means something is not authorised but there isnt a specific law banning it.

I would be suspicious of a tenant who was not allowing any access for an inspection. With condensation/damp, I believe that you really do need to inspect and address any problems as if left untreated it can cause damage to your property. I don’t see why you would need to read a meter though?! I agree with the advice to document your attempts to gain access for inspection/repair. With an unhelpful tenant like this I would be tempted to go the s21 route and get your property back. I speak from the experience of having a tenant who was like this and when they left, they had done a lot of damage to the property.


turns out they were running an illegal business out the livingroom.

All caught on camera, looking forward to their faces in court


I have the same problem, I know he’s running his business from the property and overcrowding the property too, plus numerous breaches of contract and to top off now in rent arrears.

May be a breaches of contract but everything is stacked against the landlord so you have no choice other than to suck it up until you get them out.

You could report him to the local authority, but be very careful if doesn’t blow back onto you.