Tenants stop paying rent when Fixed Term ends

Our tenants have persistently delayed rental payments during the Fixed Period six month shorthold tenancy - although payment was always made eventually. .Now the Fixed Period is over, they have failed to pay the rent for month seven. They are one month in arrears. Very soon they will be two months in arrears. Please advise whether I should serve a Section 8 (as we have grounds) or a Section 21. I do not expect them to pay any more rent, and simply want to evict them as quickly as possible. Can anyone advise the best route to do this please? Does the failure to pay rent affect the Periodic Tenancy, which is now due to start ? Thanks to anyone who can help.

Hi Catherine, what an unfortunate situation. I would counsel that you contact a legal professional about this if you have the slightest sliver of doubt about what your course of action ought to be as these processes can pose you quite a risk if you make mistakes. I believe Open Rent recommends Legal for Landlords - perhaps worth asking them.
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Many thanks for your help and support. I will ensure I am fully informed but will see a legal expert to check I am doing the right thing. Thanks x

Hi Catherine,

Good timing for this question as we’ve just written a big explainer on what your options are in this situation!


Do have a read because it explains your options if you as sure you want to regain possession due to rent arrears.

I’d echo what @katherine81 says here: it’s always wise to get professional legal advice in these situations as there are endless particulars which could affect how things would play out.

Let me know if that post doesn’t answer your question!


Hi Sam

Many thanks. I am sure this will be enormously helpful. I will sit and study it properly. Looks like just what I need. I appreciate the help and support of Open Rent. Fantastic !
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