Tenants struggling to pay rent

Totaly agree. You should have seen what he called me in another post that Sam deleted. . The funny thing is he claims to be a landlord and said" the only good landlord is a dead landlord ". We have to remember that across society there is a range of individuals who may not be wound up too tight, So make allowances for them

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It goes against the spirit of this forum which is generally really helpful and friendly.


I never said I havent been cooperative with my tenants, I was purely asking what people would do in this situation. I have been very understanding for the last 5 months but i cant afford to be for much longer as I have to use the rent as part of my income. Lucky you to have over 20 properties but not all of us do. People rent houses for many different reasons, not to just make a quick buck so dont be too quick to judge.