Universal Credit and Tenant - not cooperating

My tenant has fallen into arrears over the course of 2022 paying sporadically and some months nothing at all. She said UC had stopped her benefits because she ‘had worked a few hours more than she was entitled to’ and was trying to get it sorted. After few months she started paying rent again (Sept) but has contributed no more than £50 towards the arrears (approx £6k). Despite many requests to resolve this nothing has progressed, only that she has a new SUV parked outside and a jacuzzi in the back garden.

I applied to UC47 to request direct payments and arrears clearance - but after 3 weeks of chasing they replied with a flat decline, no evidence asked for. Furthermore tenant claims they have suspended her benefits due to the investigation plunging me further into debt. UC wont discuss anything with me. Everybody says talk to the tenant, who btw I’ve discovered has worked full time for the housing prevention dept. for the council!! My tenant is in the process of eviction which I’m sure they are aware of.

Does anybody know how I can get this resolved with UC - a governing body perhaps…? As it stands UC and the tenant are not cooperating.

I can only say take on no more tenants on U C


This is only going to get worse. S21 today and follow through with courts if she doesnt leave. Expect no further rent.


I’ve got the possession order after a lengthy 4 month wait and have landed bailiffs application today at the courts so it’s all pending. Does anyone know if both section 8 and section 21 served notices can be actioned in court simultaneously?

Yes, they can be simultaneously actioned, but there’s little point if you already have the possession order.

Yes, i did once serve both and got court order. Got possession through Bailiffs but not arrears as tenant was already in receipt of benifit and had managed to plead with agent behind my back that there were no arrears. And council did nit help either. Property had significant damage and cost 8k to put right! Lesson learnt.

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Thank you - I dont regret trying to help someone but this experience tarnishes all other possible good tenants in similar circumstances from opportunity. Quite sad really.


Once a tenant stops showing willing and is clearly putting other expenditure before rent it time to cut your losses and move as quickly as possible to an eviction and county court judgment on outstanding rent ! Few landlords can afford to keep on sustaining such losses.


It’s a sharp lesson for you here.
expect to not be paid anything at all
You are at fault for leaving it so long without giving notice so just learn from this and accept it. We’ve all done it if it’s any consolation
When she closes her uc claim that’s it forget it and chasing a moving tenant forget it