Eviction notice now 6 months

Given today’s news about extending the ban on evictions by 4 weeks and extending notice periods to 6 months does anyone know if a S8 already served will remain at 3 months or will it be extended to 6?

Ignore this, I have just received an email from Landlord Action to say the 6 months notice is for new notices.

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another victory for those who will not pay


Made worse by the fact that someone I know with a holiday home has received the £10,000 grant.

Thank Christ for that.
Have served notices on our tenant who is claiming not to have received them.
What is the situation with you now?

Isn’t it awful. Six months. There are going to be a lot of bankrupt landlords

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Notice served by hand but not expecting our squatter to go though - notices were served addressed to our absent tenant so he may claim he hasn’t opened it.

I visited my tentants yesterday. They said they are not getting any help for housing rent related. Only getting universal.credit and this use for their food and other bills. No money to pay for rent. Govt or council not doing any help to landlord??
Difficult situation for everyone, if govt helping tenants then why not to landlord, we are paying tax regularly on income.


I ll bet they are getting help I dont believe them


Hi Colin,
Thabks for your reply.
But how do we know? They said UC getting and not enough to survive for food or bills.
From where I get more information how much they get?

There are calculators online if you know their details. Housing benefit is now paid as part of UC. They will either be getting it or have other income which means they don’t qualify as deemed to be already able to afford it.


I phoned up and gave the name and address of my tenant. I was told they weren’t claiming UC.


Their will be a housing costs element included in their UC.

Fill in this form. You do NOT need permission from your tenant. Only their date of birth.

If they are not yet in two months arrears then tick one of the other boxes for the reason as to why you want a direct payment.

You may not get the full cost of your rent but something is better than nothing.

I believe the government are also giving an extra £90 per month per couple because of the Covid so this should be being used for rent shortfalls etc.

If they are on UC they will have most, if not all of their council tax paid.

You will be informed in a few days if you are successful and if there is no housing costs element included they will tell you that too.

Housing costs are not theirs to keep.

I filled in this and have direct payment.


You can also look up on your local council’s website the Local Housing Allowance for privately rented accommodation, This is what the council will pay towards local rents and is based on an average for the area. What they calculate the average to be may be lower than the rent for your property but again better than nothing and you will get an idea of what they may be getting paid.

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Thank you Mr T
Do i have to ask council firrst ? or apply [https://directpayment.universal-credit.service.gov.uk/ ](https://directpayment.universal-credit.service.gov.uk/
here first.
I am worried as i dont know housing benifit of UC, If i get then they will have enough for survive?

why are you worried if they have enough to survive? Thats not your concern


Yes do it now!! On that link. It’s all you need.

I have done it myself, so on this one, I know what I am talking about! You don’t need to ask anyone, it’s been designed for this.

You will only get what has been given towards housing costs so they will have enough to survive! If you find a couple of skeletons in there next time you go I’ll give you the rent myself!

You need to make sure you have enough to survive too, bless you. There’s a long six months ahead.

If you get repossessed that’s not helping them either.

Like I said they are getting an extra payment each month if it’s a couple? Worth around £1100 per year. Slightly less for a single person.

Extra benefits if there’s kids too.

Hi Colin. You are funny!

Love the skeletons Wish I had thought of it !

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What a nice man though

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that is so , but we must remember we run a business. If tenants are fair with us then we can accomodate their wishes , but if they are devious… ,for me there is nothing down for them