Tenants WRECK garden but not covered in inventory

I paid 175£ for professional inventory service (not form open rent) at start of tenancy. Tenants are due to move out in a month and the garden is WRECKED I did not think to check that garden was included in inventory . I left professionals to it and besides how much dmaage could tenants do to a garden? or that’s what I thought anyway. Now the garden is ruined. Kids climbing frame from when I live there with my Kids is ruined, grass lawn is cut up, bbq grease tipped all over. Can I take the deposit for this or no because i did not include pictures of garden in inventory? thanks

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Hi Prakash that is terrible some tenants have no respect for the homes trat it like a barn and they are the animals!

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I had one who raked up all the carpets on the ground floor. Only got £200 from the deposit ruling - hardly enough to buy carpet for one room, let alone cover labour or void period. Disgusting behaviour, no respect.

Not all are the same we must stop being all tared with the same brush