The eviction process

Hello folks.

Was hoping to get a bit ‘knowledge’ on this subject please.

So finally feel like I have a property I can move into after weeks of heartbreak looking. Luckily that I knew from a friend that her landlady (who she rents from) is currently in the process of booting out some bad tenants BUT sadly looking like one of those kind of cases.

Was told the landlady gave the ‘standard’ 2 months notice to vacate the property. That date deadline was mid February this year. Nope sadly still there.

They have children so I bet they are going down the council route but as I know sadly the council wont rehome them till the bailiffs are involved which is the last part of the eviction process.

I dont specifically know why the landlady wants them out. All I know once they are out she will need to redecorate a lot as they have trashed the place. (Unsure if they have stopped paying rent now)

I am mega crazy desperate to move out of my mums. Would of been lovely before my baby is born but no chance now. This place is perfect so willing to wait and landlady has always told me she will accept me as the next tenant. I just wanted to know a bit more about the process.

Forgive me if ive said anything wrong as ive watched too many programmes like ‘cant pay will take it away’ etc but I am under the impression it can be a really long drawn out process. (Personally an unfair one for landlords too)

Know every case is different but was hoping if anyone can give me a ballpark timeline please or realistic rough date when they can finally be properly evicted.

I am predicting around July/August time this year.

Assuming the landlady applied for a court order straight awau and got everything right Id say your timescale is right for the court order, but then add 2-3 months for bailiffs. If she made a simple mistake its back to square one and a further 8-10 months after the court case. After the loss of a lot of rent, she may also hike the price by a big amount to recover some of it.

Yikes. That does not fill me with much hope.

Really hope she has not made any mistakes then. I sadly dont fully know whats been done or said. I do know there was issues with a leak in the bathroom where the tenants were complaining but they made it hard to let landlady have access to it to fix the problem. Dont know if that makes any difference.

It is a horrible process and I blame the council for making it much harder.

I cannot be too mad at the current tenants as in the rent they are paying monthly for a 2 bed flat is really reasonable so even if they attempted to look elsewhere, bet they could not match that especially in this area (my mums house is 7 doors away) its wrong the council wont help them unless that form notice from the bailiffs. The original notice to leave from landlord should be strong enough! :frowning:

My situation I have little chance getting anywhere else in terms of a 2 bedroom property thats close to where I am due to my situation. Suppose got to just wait and hope my sanity lasts with a newborn, my partner and my mother under one roof.

Thanks for the reply.