This is the worst service Ive ever recieved

I have no idea how to actually get a reply from Openrent so I’m posting here in case anybody is monitoring it.

I listed 2 flats for rental 2 weeks ago. We have received over 100 applicants per flat and set up around 50 viewings between the 2. In the space of 2 weeks both listings have been deleted without warning for no reason 5 TIMES! This has canceled all of our viewings each time and caused an enormous headache and hours and hours of admin to set the listing up again and rebook all the viewings. The last time this has happened its now asking me to duplicate my listing and pay for this service again!!!

There is no response from Openrent. You can’t call them & nobody replies to emails.

The service is absolutely shocking. This is the last time I use openrent. What a fing disaster.

If anyone from openrent bothers to monitor these posts, I want my money back.

I guess its because you didn’t answer the enquiries fast enough for OR’s liking, that’s normally what they say, and the whole 100 enquiries limit thing is a long standing hot topic. I found it works well for me as long as you reply on the same day you get the inquiry, by reply I mean just deal with it by rejecting it or setting up a viewing, but don’t sit on it. Problem is now you get flooded with inquiries, many of which are low quality leads, and so tempting to not respond to them all, but then you hit the 100 limit and they stop the ad as from OR perspective they want tenants to have a good user experience too.


Unfortunately, declined inquiries still count towards 100. We rented a flat just three weeks ago and I decided to get it to this 100 mark.
It only took a few days longer. Every single enquiry counts, even if declined the same day.

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Why do they not make this information clear or send reminders that the listing will be removed? This is the first time I’ve ever heard of these policies.

So if my listing is popular then I’m penalised for it?

Also, why is there absolutely zero customer service?! Why cant I speak to someone?

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Emails should be sent with reminders. Have you checked your spam folder?

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Yeah what OR incentivises you to do is redraft the ad so it is less popular. They don’t want too many dissatisfied potential tenants or they get a lot of complaints from them. The 100 limit made sense when it was a tenants market, but now it is a landlord market it is too low as we have no way to control the number of people who respond. From LL perspective the vast majority are time wasters, I had 87 of which only 1 answered the limited number of questions I asked (6 or so questions!). they got the flat.

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Mark, I sincerely agree that people need to check their spam folders, even if it means missing out on seeing your spam folder after an enjoyable “global delete”.
I have found time sensitive information in mine regarding a bungalow fairly close to this area and it was a long let with established gardens that would have been ideal for me, “If” I’d have checked my spam folder & signed the rental agreement. Only the owner was serving overseas etc etc.
So it doesn’t happen again (although I’ve noticed subscriptions for apps i no longer use and its saved me a few quid :joy:).
I’m still looking for a property that would be suitable for an electric wheelchair and bungalows are rare in my area. My current g/f flat is far too small for the wheelchair that I’ve been referred for, so I’ve been told that I need to move to a property more suitable, and yes I do need the independence of an electric wheelchair for so many reasons, hours worked being just one of them.
Keep smiling
Lynda :poodle:

I wholeheartedly agree Open rent need to re consider this 100 tenant enquiry policy given the current rental climate. I have had 39 enquiries that have been a complete and total waste of my time even opening to read.

People are so desperate they will request a viewing despite being the complete opposite of your tenant filters. I have had enquiries from tenants with haven’t disclosed IVA’s and CCJ’s, receiving UC, HMO requirements. For me it’s not the cost of re advertising that’s irritating me it’s the waste of my time.


We rented our other flat recently, just about. Right now, it’s another uphill battle. We decided that if in, say, ten days, nothing will happen, we’ll go to a small estate agent with individual service who concentrates on letting market these days.
I still don’t think that they would do as thorough checks as ourselves and will find the best T for us. It’ll most likely be the first more suitable one.

you can always say to the agent . Here are the questions I want answers to. Also I want to see the reference report ,if the applicant is not willing to revealthis . Then no let

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i check my spam folder. Openrent have never emailed me to say it was in danger of being removed.

exactly. 70% of the messages are just blank. What am I replying to? If this is openrents policy then they need to make it clear that that is what is expected. Not yank down paying customers listings because of some arbitrary rules that only they know about.

Openrent has FINALLY got back to me after a week and has basically told me to go f*** myself. Absolute shambles of a platform.

What did they actually say?

Aye, sure they did. And I am Marilyn Monroe.

On balance I think OR is a good service BUT I get the distinct impression they no longer want to spend money improving it and are milking it.


They said it’s not their problem and they are going to do nothing about it. No apologies or explanations of why their system basically makes itself unusable if you get too many inquiries. They already have my money. Why would they care?

Nothing to do with my spam folders. No communication from OR at all

Hi marylin. Word of advice. Don’t mix prescription drugs with strong liquor

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