Many enquiries but nothing happens

hello fellow landlords. I’m having strange experience on OpenRent.
I receive about 2-3 enquiries every few days since I listed 2 weeks ago. Some of them actually make requests for a viewing. When I reply back asking to propose times or call me back - nothing ever happens. Not a single person came back to me… As if none of the enquiries are real and just bots which try to create an illusion of activity?

you sceptic you. what are you implying?

I guess I am just wondering if anyone else has similar time wasting experience?

all of us but not lately… did you ask pre viewing questions ? whenI did 75% had either lied or didnt reply. as they did not meet my criteria. very common with either desperate or unsuitable tenants

Thank you Colin, I just found a similar thread with your questions in it, should have found it earlier to save on my own :slight_smile: you are a star for helping with your advice, thanks a lot


Hi Colin
I’m new to all this, but not new as a Landlord. I’d like to speak about your latest comments.
I’ve recently advertised through OpenRent, and had a few enquiries, but nothing moving to a viewing.
I’ve previously advertised through OpenRent, and filled the property.
I think that the Covid-19 Pandemic hasn’t helped, and I’m aware of the restrictions, posed.
But, taking those considerations into hand, I’ve had lots of enquiries but nothing more…I’m just bewildered…
Anyone in similar situation?

That should have been to David…
You can tell I’m new new to this…lol

Hi Robert
Yes it’s very different and strange indeed. We were on OpenRent back in December and although we didn’t get our tenant through them at the time - the enquirers that came through OpenRent seemed genuine because people actually answered questions and came for viewings. Looking at it now - our new enquirers mostly come at weird hours between midnight and 4am and despite requesting viewings - nobody actually replies when you ask them to propose viewing time. It is possible everyone is very cautious, as are we and making sure all distancing etc in place - I can’t stop thinking that maybe these enquiries are either fake or people just bored and are dreaming about moving but not really serious about it and clicking buttons to help time go by. I also noticed that one person who recorded a voice message called herself very differently from the profile name, which could mean nothing of course… Colin called me a cynic which is probably fair but I find enquiries numbers going up with zero success rate rather unusual, and our place is now such incredibly good value compared to 4 months ago, which of course is a relative thing in today’s market :>

some people do stay up later than us ,just keep asking previewing questions and keep going . If it ends well great ., dont take chances… at the right price you will be successful. As long as the goverment dont styme us

Hi David
Have you let you property, now?

No, still receiving enquiries and zero progress, not even a viewing

yes same thing here recently. 1 its easy for tenants to enquire to many places in short period of time. i simply do an autoreply saying thanks for enquiry and please call this number xxxxxx during office hours to discuss. its hard to rent just now so see if you can at least get a little holiday on council tax

a holiday on council tax is for some councils a month then you pay in full… most councils are like parasites on their public ,unless of course .you are a scrounger or sadly out of work.

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Hi I have a substantial portfolio and for years have only used open rent to get tenants… my experience from experimenting with different contact methods is that replying via open rent is not as successful For getting relies as texting them is, and texting isn’t as successful as ringing them. So I’d suggest you ring each enquiry. That way, even if you don’t get them to commit to a viewing, you will find out the reason for their enquiry and the thinking behind it.


Im in the same boat- but decided to take the advertising off, as i felt it would be better served when the lock-down lifts.
I too have a large portfolio, and i agree that with work and other commitments its difficult to reply to prospective enquirers. I normally ring the number that the txt message originates from, and that usually works.
However, in light of the recent no shows or lack of viewings, i messaged OpenRent to see if they would extend my subscription, for the obvious reasons that im not getting any serious enquirers and were in the middle of a lock-down.
All i got back was waffle, i just want a straight answer to my question. Would they extend my subscription?
I know that its not their fault, but its not mine either. We’ve all had to be flexible, in one way shape or for these past 3/4 weeks- why cant OpenRent be?


Yes plenty of the same for me.
Here’s an odd one:

Require property ASAP

  • 3 days ago*

Viewing slots are available from midday - 7pm Tuesday or rest of week / Saturday 11am - 7pm.

  • 2 days ago*

Are you comfortable with viewings during government lockdown?
Also what’s the energy rating for the property

  • 2 days ago*

The doors would be left open for you to view alone. I would be sitting in car on roadside if you have any questions afterwards. EPC ratings C

  • 2 days ago*

Realistically, when are you looking at getting someone in?

  • 2 days ago*

The place is empty and ready now.
If you wish to view let me know when you wish to move in.

  • 2 days ago*

That’s how it concluded SMH

Best of luck guys!

we have about 30 units with say 10% vacant and to let to let and find the inquiries have dropped off a lot since the lockdown , however one thing that does strike me is that the great majority of inquiries are junk , they ask for details contained in the ad, make an appointment to view and don’t turn up ( hint :try block viewings ) or turn up and say they have guarantors and great references no CCJ’s , and you say ok , and you never hear from them again - they must hope that some L will not check references ( hint stress that you will before turning out). But remember that these are the people that if you were with a high st agent you would be paying a £300 " finders fee" for , and at least you are avoiding a bad tenant and that golden rule " no tenant is better than a bad tenant"

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I think you’ll find Covid is responsible people just aren’t willing to risk a fine viewing a property would result in a fine, TBH you shouldn’t expect people to break lockdown that’s why it’s there- probably best to wait another 3 wks :grin:


Yeah thats what ive done, is taken my listings off, in anticipation for the lock-down to lift. However- OpenRent were far than helpful, just gave me waffle, and no direct answer to my question…
“Will OpenRent be extending my paid for subscription, given that ive had no serious inquiries?”


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Exactly the same with us, David.