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Time taken to find a tenant

Yes I ask similar questions on the filter via openrent. However when I get an enquiry I say that I am happy to arrange a viewing but advise that if they are interested in renting the property after viewing that I will carry out referencing. I then never hear from about 70%. Maybe I am being too invasive but I don’t want to waste my time on people that think they can rent without having to provide proof of income etc. As an earlier poster said, some renters seem to think that if they rent via a private landlord then we don’t ask so many questions as letting agents. I am only now trying to find a tenant myself because the letting agent completely misled me on my last tenant and I ended up with a real duff one !

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Jayne2 Yes do it yourself… Agents are only interested in their weekly targets. I have found that asking the right questions saves a great deal of time

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Apologise, I didn’t realise you meant AFTER viewings. When a tenant asks “what next?” (if they want the propery), I’ll say “We will need to do checks such as credit checks, affortablitiy, previous landlord checks - so if you’re concerned about anything it’s best to let us know now” (that’s when they may confess to anything such as a CCJ) so you can say “Sorry, you won’t pass checks” (I add excuses such as our lender or insurance cover would not allow this as it stops them taking it personal when they see it as out of your control!) or if you like them and want to give them a chance you can mention that a Guarantor will mean they can still rent the property (so there is more chance you’ll hear back from them then).

I also always put on my listings that credit checks will take place for all tenants living at the property. But you still get time wasters (just not as many!)

When I tell them I will be reference checking I also give them some idea of the salary they will need to pass the referencing. This I know from having previously rented the same property through OpenRent.
This saves wasting the time of genuine renters who just don’t earn enough.

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We have posted on Open Rent for coming up to a week now and had no viewing. What are people’s experiences like?