Regarding House to rent

Hi my name is sai, I am trying for house to rent I am actually trying to call landlord or openrent people to discuss and arrange viewing but there is no reply from anyone please sort out my issue thank you

Hi @Kesava -

I can see from your account that you’ve enquired about two properties in the last week.

The first, we asked you for more information, but didn’t hear back before notifying you the property was let. The market moves quickly!

The second, I can see you have enquired around 46 hours ago. We give landlords 48 hours to respond before allowing you to chase further, which we outlined in our email to you a couple of days ago. Specifically we said:

Please Note: Enquiries are dealt with on a first-come first-served basis. This is enquiry number 9 we have sent to the landlord. This landlord’s average response time is: Within 2 Days.

More generally, I’d suggest reading our advice about this situation specifically, which includes guidance on how to find a property with OpenRent:

Setting up an email search alert and ensuring you’re the first to enquire, as well as providing as much information as possible to help the landlord pick your enquiry, are both vital parts in improving your chances of finding a property.

Thanks, and good luck in your search!

Well thank you for your response, As you mentioned the 1st property I enquired is already gone the 2nd one also might be gone that’s why I’m trying to follow it up please try to get that property for me it will be very helpfull thank you

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