Time to pack my stuff!

So I have agreed on my first tenant. Before I can agree to the deposit I need to arrange a checkin date. Currently I have an AirBNB guest in the house who won’t check out until Saturday 3rd of April.

I am going to leave the house furnished. However need to pack and put everything else into storage.
My house is in Reading and I shall me living and working close to central london.
My house is an average sized 2 bedroom mid terraced house.
A few questions as I am new to being a land lord however I have done a fair amout of research.
First of all I will try to declutter the house the best I can and throw away stuff I don’t need.
Next I will need to box eveything else up and put it into a storage unit near to where I will be living near isle of dogs london.

I already have had a few quotes for storage (40 Sqfoot) do we think that would be enought storage space? ( I know that is a bit of an open ended question, i’m a single guy with no pets ).
Can I put a clause in the contract to state that I may use my atic and or 12foot by 6foot shed for storage?

Do you think it is worth paing for a company to itimise everything before they pack it up?
Some storage companies offer to collect storage do you think that is a good idea?
Can someone recommend a good cardboard box retailer? is double walled boxes a minimum?
Is 2.5 days enough for one person to pack a house this size?


If neither the attic nor the shed are not habitable space, you may reserve them for your own use without changing the Council Tax status of the property. However, you should really have informed the tenant of this at a much earlier point. I would have a conversation now if I were you as the tenant may have been planning on using those spaces themselves. Incidentally, you need to be careful about compressing any loft insulation as I understand it can lead to broken ceiling plaster and a lower insulation value.

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