Loft space - Storage- boarding - for tenant

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Just need some advise currently my loft is not boarded and tenant requested they wish use it for more storage and I should get it correctly boarded

has anyone boarded there loft for tenant to or is it better not to board it, as or it may cause problems later

you will have loft insulation? do not compress it to board out boarding should be on little legs to avoid this

It would be safer for you to board out to minimise the risk of a ‘foot through the ceiling’ if tenants use for storage. I used and found them very reasonably priced & professional. They can also fit an easy access fold down loft ladder in the process

I have a couple of flats boarded, please be careful they don’t intend to use it as an extra bedroom if they intend to do this you need an escape route and a fire check to ensure safety.
Add a clause in your agreement “loft space must never be used for a sleeping area, for storage use only” if they don’t sign that you will know what they are up to. suggest you give your insurer a ring as well.

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That is a good point Tony. As bedrooms need permision and a host of safety features

My old agent always had a clause in their tenancy agreements to say that the loft was not to be used.

If you do let them use it, don’t forget to check that they have taken everything out at the end - one of my lofts had rubbish left by the tenant (which the agent didn’t spot because, of course, the tenant wouldn’t possibly use the loft because the tenancy agreement said they shouldn’t, so they didn’t check.).

You have no obligation to board out the loft for the tenant unless that was previously agreed. As above, it is not recommended to board them these days as the insulation should not be compressed. I would tell the tenant that the loft cannot be used for extra storage.


I looked at buying an ex rental place once where this had been done. The tenant overloaded the joists so all the bedroom ceilings cracked and then had to be reboarded and skimmed. That said, walking around on the joists can cause the same issues. Better to padlock the loft hatch shut IMO.

Thanks all, I’ll leave it unboarded

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Hello I work with Landlords and Agents. In my honest opinion, I would not agree to storage in your loft space because you will be left having to spend £100’s to clear the loft of their Junk when they leave. Please pad lock that area and tell them the loft is not accessible to them.